Multi technologist

Job Summary:
Responsible for performing various procedures in two or more modalities, which may include X-Ray, MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine and/or PET.
Duties & Responsibilities:
Treats patients and customers with courtesy and respect.
Checks referral for appropriate study. Calls referring physician when in doubt or with questions as necessary.
Assures room is ready prior to the patient entering the room (i.e. Equipment is operable and all supplies are readily available).
Understands and uses the scales, field of view, gain, voltage, amps and other adjustments and factors on the equipment in order to produce high quality images.
Checks patient histories and has patient sign waiver, if necessary.
Performs various radiology procedures following proper safety protocols and procedures.
Puts patients at ease by explaining the procedure and responding to their questions/requests in a professional manner.
Handles delicate situations (fetal demise, cancerous pathology, etc.) in a supportive and empathetic manner ("good bedside manner").
Keeps patient schedule and attempts to accommodate add-on patients when requested.
Communicates delays or changes in the schedule to the appropriate person(s).
Practices universal medical precautions.
Releases patient with proper follow-up information.
Maintains patient confidentiality at all times.
Respect rights of patient and family members that are accompanying the patient.
Remains professional in all situations.
Demonstrates good judgment when correlating patient history and scanning protocols. Knows when to divert from routine images and/or when to enlist assistance from radiologist to achieve high quality diagnostic images.
Monitors patient's well being during exam; recognizes patient discomfort or medical problems and takes appropriate action.
Sends studies to reading stations for radiologist review, if applicable.
Assures proper film identification by use of appropriate markers and/or data entry of patient demographics.
Exercises sound judgment regarding image quality; determines when repeats are necessary.
Performs routine maintenance and ensures cleanliness of equipment and rooms on daily basis.
Reports supply or equipment repair needs to appropriate person.
Adheres to all OSHA regulations, ALARA, and RGX practices and generally accepted safety protocols.
Provides hearing protection to patients and others when applicable.
Other duties as assigned.
Requirements (Knowledge, Skills & Abilities):
Familiarity with and ability to use equipment in assigned modality including RIS, imaging equipment and PACS.
Ability to utilize the principles, theories, practices, techniques and methods of the imaging procedures the team member conducts in order to produce images of high diagnostic quality.
Ability to assist patients onto table.
Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
Ability to walk/stand for 90% of patient interaction.
Ability to respond to emergency situations in a calm and appropriate fashion.
Understands anatomy and pathology as needed to perform imaging procedures in assigned modalities.
Knowledgeable on correct and appropriate studies to perform for the patient's diagnosis.
Demonstrates the ability to use proper interview methods to obtain patient history and/or screen patients to avoid potential injury.
Education & Experience Requirements:
The above knowledge, skills and abilities may be demonstrated by successful completion of an accredited radiology program; registered with the ARRT, ARDMS, or CNMT; state licensure (if applicable); and training and/or certification in the modality in which the team member specializes.

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